Friday, September 7, 2012

Playa Del Carmen All Inclusive Wedding Anniversary

So we're staying at an all-inclusive resort, "The Riviera Princess."

As my wife and I are here because it's her Wedding Anniversary I granted her request to see the live show on our first night here. She begged me by twisting my earlobe very hard. I found out it was a  dancing show which would include my least favorite style of music, namely Salsa. (For those of you who would argue that "Rap" should take that dubious honor remember, we're talking about "music.")

As you can imagine I was dreading the whole thing.  A dancing "shake your booty" competition featuring fat and not so fat male tourists. A dance troupe consisting of 6 professional male dancers and only 4 professional females. Presentation of baseball caps to bingo competition winners followed by said winners doing the "We Are The Champions" wave to Queen's classic song under severe prodding from the Mexican M.C. What an awful offering this would be!

It was all quite good and I enjoyed it enormously. They were repeating the same show tonight but my wife didn't want to go......

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  1. Sounds really fun maybe this is perfect for our wedding anniversary too, I'll share this to my wife.

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