Saturday, July 7, 2012

And this is Grant. I too was first introduced to Belize by Her Majesty's armed forces, though it was the far more civilized Royal Air Force for me! That was back in early 1983, my job was to keep the Harriers flying over Belize and deter that nasty dictator in Guatemala from invading Belize, I even went over to the border to let them know I was here to stop them!!!

Me in much younger days, at the border.....

Also following in Chris's footsteps, I too met a lovely local lady, Dana, and got married here in San Pedro in 1988. A glorious event, and she is as lovely today as she was on our wedding day.

4th June, 1988, a very happy day.

After spending a total of 3 years and 6 months stationed in Belize, off and on, and over 17 years of service in the Royal Air Force, and having started a family with the arrival of my daughter, Lyndsey, I decided to call it a day on my service career. That was the start of my life in Belize, and very much centred on Ambergris Caye. Much has happened in those 20 years, including the arrival of my son, now 15 years old, and very recently, I was truly blessed with a beautiful grand daugher.

In my time here, I have been a scuba diving instructor, managed a bar and restaurant, a hotel and restaurant, and largely thanks to my determined efforts to keep the whole of the Guatemalan armed forces on their own soil, I am now in a position to help people own their own little piece of Paradise in Belize that we refer to as 'Ambergris Caye'. 'You betta Belize it!!'

'Dive in' to the real estate market with me.........

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