Thursday, July 19, 2012

Time Share on Ambergris Caye, a Good Investment?

Let's get right to the point:

Now you know how we feel let's take a moment to explain:
1. Almost every timeshare property on Ambergris Caye has actually fallen into bankruptcy. People have lost a lot of money after "investing" in timeshare in Belize.
2. "Almost" every timeshare means there's at least one still surviving. Actually, there's just the one. I wouldn't invest there either. 
3. Timeshare sales people tend to work on the premise that after all the freebies and valuable time they spend with you, you would have to be a right jerk to refuse to buy. Timeshare in Belize is really no different. The sales pressure exerted on unsuspecting couples is pretty intense. The sale people are very good at what they do. They have to be. It's a crappy product they're peddling.
4. Timeshare sales people love to use bogus numbers to show how foolish you would be not to purchase. They want you to believe that your hotel room will forever be free for 1 week a year (or more if, heaven forbid, you buy more weeks). The bit about the annual $1000US or more "Maintenance Fee" for your 1 week of timeshare is always hidden deep in the small print. Let's face it, $1000US or more could easily get you a nice hotel room in most resort destinations. Why pay that PLUS the $25,000US or more the original timeshare week will cost you?
5. Woe betide you if you are late with the maintenance payment. It won't take much for the timeshare company to start the threatening letters.
6. Good luck with re-selling your timeshare when you're sick and tired of'll be "worth" less than half of what you paid for it. 
7. One final note, this post really refers to timeshare in Belize and particularly Ambergris Caye where it has an awful reputation. Of course there are broken timeshare dreams all over the world but I can't speak for those.

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