Friday, August 24, 2012

Apple vs. Samsung...a tainted jury?

Consider the verdict today in Apple's battle with Samsung in a U.S. court. Nine carefully selected jurors found that U.S. giant Apple now has a patent on rounded corners, among other things. Basically if you produce some sort of mobile device with a rounded corner you're infringing on Apple turf and your products may be banned from the U.S. markets.

Now, I can only speculate as to the high qualifications of each juror which enabled them to come to such sweeping conclusions in Apple's favour on the correct answers to 600 questions they were asked to ponder in this case. Let's look at what those juror qualifications might be:

1. Some were carefully selected because they probably didn't have good enough jobs to go to. Or at least they were selected because their jobs were so lousy they couldn't come up with excuses good enough to get off the duty.

2. Most probably own Apple devices. No conflict of interest there then, no sir!

3. Most were probably not illegal immigrants, although these days in Obama's USA you never know. This means they were all U.S. citizens and were therefor already biased to handing a verdict and a fat cash award in favour of poverty-stricken U.S. company Apple. Those damn Koreans with their awful fat little dictator making the population starve to death....oh, wait, that's ANOTHER Korea although anyone too stupid to get off jury duty probably wouldn't know that.

So as you can see there is no way we can say the verdict today was tainted in any way. Although I suspect Samsung will probably feel they have grounds to appeal starting with "The Jury were all as thick as bricks" and going on from there.

This was a very bad day for competition in the U.S..It was definitely worse than any verdict handed down in the past in favour of previous Apple competitors such as Microsoft who somehow now seem all warm and cuddly in comparison to the Apple monopoly-seeking juggernaut.

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