Saturday, August 4, 2012

That Time of The Year

Every year we have to go through something some call "Hurricane Season." Some folk, including real estate agents, like to say that we don't get many hurricanes in Belize. Be that as it may - and it isn't because we've had our fair share - it's important to realize that it only takes one of these nasty buggers and your life is back to "Square One"....unless, that is, you are properly prepared.

 So, how can you prepare for a storm? It's easy, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PROPER INSURANCE. Insure your house, condo, golf cart, personal effects, and even insure your boat. Although, if your experiences with boats are anything like mine just sell the damn thing right now. Make sure the insurance coverage reflects the true replacement value. Under insuring is false economy (or "Plain Daft") and is not recommended. 

 If you think you can't afford insurance picture this: Imagine how you'll feel when a hurricane is taking dead aim at Belize and your hard earned uninsured assets are in the way. Whoops. Too Late.

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