Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Prize Winners!!!!

It's about bloody time you all are the 3 lucky and brilliant winners of our contest!

Melissa Abreu (yes, she wins a 1st prize for this one and and 2nd prize for another great entry)

Cotton candy sky
sudden wind barreling in
I'm soaked to the bone
(I liked this one, it has happened to me many times here, it keeps happening but that's because I'm not very clever).
Another 1st prize winner!
Tracey Giertz

I look at the sea
A happy calm takes over
Miss it, Belize me!

(Now, this also keeps happening to me a lot....I must be brighter than I thought.)

Here's the final 1st prize winner!
It's Anna and Gunter of Mathieu's, they sent in a few, I liked this one a lot:

pelicans gobble
silvery barracuda
let's fire up the grill!

But it didn't win a prize because the reference to "pelicans" was clearly an effort to influence judging. When will the corruption end! I was appalled! But then I read:

turquoise sparkling sea
dazzling light plays on coral
ocean warms my skin

And you have to admit, it deserves First Prize because there is so much implied colour and life in those 3 lines. If that doesn't remind you of Ambergris Caye, what will?

Prize winners, email me your mailing address and phone number to and we'll ship your prizes. CONGRATULATIONS to all of you and thank you so much to everyone who entered, all of the entries were fabulous.

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