Wednesday, January 16, 2013

One more Second Prize Winner! Great Retro Poem.

First prize winners......we have 3 of you....I'm having a lot of trouble deciding. I am well qualified to make a decision, after all I an International Judge (I have Belizean and British dual citizenship). There are 4 equally brilliant entries vying for 3 first prizes.  This is very hard....nevertheless, I have to make a decision. In the next post.

First, we have ONE MORE Second Prize winner. It goes to Harriette Fisher for her very retro entry:

Where your bare feet go
Walking Front, Middle or Back
 Streets in sand not snow

As you know San Pedro main streets in the town center were once called "Front, Middle and Back" Streets and they were once all white fluffy sand. Times change, vehicles arrive and of course now all are paved. But, thanks to Harriette for taking me back in time! Choose any book about Belize on and I'll ship it to you. Congratulations!

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